Gdevelop Game Jam

I am hosting a GDevelop game jam!
More infos right here below.

Will you join the gdevelop game jam?


If the time is long then I certainly would! But I requires many participants not just one!! And it is good for advertising our games

Ok, I created a GameJolt Game Jam:
Let’s see how many people joins. I will try to advertise it on the discord too.

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The jams starts now!

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explain plz I didn’t get this…It is recommended to already create the games page on gamejolt (devlog-only) with the hashtag and already publish notes on your development with screenshots to help us to verify if the games were actually made for the jam (In the timelapse of the jam) and if they are actually made with gdevelop (And also to hype the judges and the ones who plans on playing the games :wink: ).

Create already a page for your game on gamejolt with the hashtag #gdevelopgamejam in the description, and publish your progress on your game in the devlog feature of that page.

What about the (devlog-only) part?

When you create a game on gamejolt, you get a page with a “feed”, a little bit like twitter, for publishing text, videos, photos or just small text on how the development of your game is doing. That is the devlog.

Ok got it can you give me some reference about the sound thing you post

You mean sound test menu? Just do a scene where you can somehow start any music or sound in your game, and make the access to that scene hidden, example: appears if you do a konami code on the menu, and at some point in the game there is text that is a bit hidden that says “the konami will let you discover a secret where everything began” (because the konami code is very popular for hiding secrets, and " where everything began " is a reference to the menu, the place where the game began).

Ok I think I got this

What did you mean by Rickroll?

Rickrolling - Wikipedia ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Exactly. Look on this page for more info: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video) - YouTube .

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The jam is almost over! Now the community can vote between the two games.

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Congratulations @Ruhan! You won the Game Jam (or at least I think it is you because the winner registered himslef as Ruhan) ! MP me and I will send you all the updates and when it is ready the first versions of my multiplayer extension!

Only two people participated, I guess this is all a little fail after all. But it was fun nonetheless, and I am ready to organize one again! If any one is interrested in participating in one, respond to the poll, and if at leat 4 people say they are interrested I will organize one again!

  • I would want to participate to a future GDevelop Game Jam.
  • I am not interrested, sorry.

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