GDevelop Games in Google Play Store

I was wondering if any of you uploaded their game in Google Play Store and what happened in your game?

  • Is your game got a lot of downloads?
  • Does it give you revenue? If yes, how much did you earn?
  • What are the requirements in order to upload in Google Play Store?
    Hope someone share their experience about their journey in uploading their games in Google Play Store because I want to upload my game in that platform.
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Hello at the moment it has been very easy and intuitive for me to upload my game to Google Play.

You export it from GDevelop as APK.
You create the profile of the game in Google Play Console, add description, images, icon, etc.

You wait for the review and that’s it.

Then my game is free with AdMob integrated but it has been a month or so that I have uploaded it and not many people download it.

AdMob works perfectly but has no conversions due to the few downloads.

The game works but lacks a lot of polishing because it was initially designed for PC

I also have to tell you that I do not do any marketing for the game, in fact I think I have published it on Google Play and on nothing else.

Maybe later i do some tutorial to show how to do it.