GDevelop Games on Handheld Devices?


Are there any handheld gaming devices like the Retroid Pocket 2 or the Anbernic 350 series (or any other similar device with physical buttons) that can run games made with GDevelop?

I know that the Retroid Pocket 2 has Android and GDevelop can export games for Android but I wanted to know if anyone has done this before. Is it even possible?

I’m new to making games and new to GDevelop so I’m not aware of any technical limitations that exist. I’m hoping the community can educate me.

I just thought it would be cool to make a game and then play it on a hardware device that wasn’t a tablet or smartphone.

Looking forward to hearing what the community thinks.

I don’t know the device, but Youtube shows Play Store on Retroid, so it runs standard Android apps, so GDevelop games should work.
Not sure if our gamepad extension will handle the physical buttons, though. Need to try. :man_shrugging:

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Hey, thanks for replying. I guess this will become a personal experiment for me as well.

Do you know if there are plans to make the gamepad extension compatible with hardware devices that have physical buttons?

The gamepad extension is meant to be used with physical gamepads.
But it’s been tested on popular gamepads, not this device.

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The gamepad extension is based on Gamepad API from browsers, if your browser is Chrome or Firefox, or just based on Chromium a support should be possible and working, maybe you have to edit the layout of buttons but it’s something doable by editing the gamepad extension directly in GDevelop.

Yes. As you are the first to ask support on this device and we haven’t this device i and we can’t provide a support for it. But we can try yo help you here if you have questions related to an error.

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I understand, Makes sense.

I actually don’t have the device in hand just yet. I’m planning on getting one within the next month or so.

When I get I’ll try testing it with one of the GDevelop sample games and post what happens here.

Thanks for your insight.

Get another one for @Bouh, he’ll make it work :grin:

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Ha, ha! I just got the joke. :smiley:

I suppose iit is base on Linux operating so I suggest you to compiles game for linux and test it. Let us know.

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Good idea. I didn’t think of that. Will do.

Heh, I’m interested in this too.

I have an rg350m from Anbernic, it uses a linux distro called OpenDingux, executable files are .opk.

It should be doable since there are quite a few ports of classic games for it, I’d say the first step would be figuring out how to make GDevelop export an .opk OR something that can be somehow transformed into an .opk.

For the RetroPocket devices, since they run android, I guess they should be able to run an android app compatible with the relevant OS version?

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Hi I’m not test this but I think this should do the work for you to create your game from GD to the handheld
The software can be obtained here and here the post
A tutorial of how to.

Here is another approuch specific for RG350

OPK Createor


The OPK Creator looks interesting. I guess the idea is that one would create an APK from Gdevelop and then use that APK to create an OPK, which can then be run on the RGB350? (I’m not familiar with any of this stuff)

Well I think so I’m no SO technician but I will try on my RG350M when I finish my game.

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