GDevelop General section cannot easily see new posts from homepage

Hey there lovelies,
I actually forgot there was a GDevelop general section, because all I see are the three pinned boards:

They’re important, I understand - but I rely on the homepage to tell me if anyone’s posted anything cool recently, kind of like That Blue Social Media Site.
This section’s recent posts is occupied by the three sticky threads.

(I’ve replaced that habit site with going to here instead btw. Thank you for such a great forum!)

I have never seen what the latest person posted in that section.
Ironically, I can see the Japanese board gets sproadic but meaningful conversations without even going in there.
I don’t have anything against the threads themselves, just that they can be placed a lot better. Maybe the Announcements section can be moved into another section above it?

I appreciate the forum team’s time on fixing this issue.

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Bumping (?) to add that the Join the Discord pinned topic is kinda redundant, as the Discord is now on the top purple bar along with the Documentation, Download buttons…
Unpinning that topic would probably free one free space, as a quick fix