Gdevelop got uninstalled with the update?

I used it yesterday and it worked fine. Today the desktop link leads nowhere and I can’t find on my pc at all.
I found the GDevelop 5 folder but there is no .exe in there or anyhing runnable.

The installation system has not been changed during the recent updates.
It must always work as:
GD detects an update, it starts the download, and at the next opening it checks if the downloaded file is present, uninstalls the previous version and installs the new one.

You seem to be between two step, that must have been affected by something else.
You can download the new version from the official website.

My anti virus seems to have a problem with gdevelop. I don’t know if that caused it.
I did not shut down my PC while gdevelop was running.
But yes, I downloaded it again and everything works fine.