Gdevelop imitation?

I was browsing my play store wishlist when I had a closer look at one called ‘Game Maker - Game Designer’. Upon looking at the pictures, it immediately became apparent that it looked like a copy of Gdevelop. Alas, there has yet to be any reviews, so I didn’t know whether I should download it or not.

Yeah, except for that second picture, it looks like they’ve just done a mock-up of the GDevelop screens.

I installed in on my tablet. The background image is a very faint GDevelop logo. But then I click on the create button, it does nothing. It could be that my tablet is too old.

Just downloaded it. It is Gdevelop apart from their own logo as seen in Alex Arrow’s post above. I’m guessing it’s a browser that links to the online GD. I clicked on create a game, add an object etc. Says it has 1000+ downloads, no reviews though, although there’s a nag screen asking for them. There’s two tabs at the bottom, the Create tab is for GD, the More tab goes to an ad for something called Appyet.

GDevelop is a MIT licensed open source application. While it is unfortunate they’re just rebranding the base engine as their own stuff, I’m not actually sure there’s anything illegitimate about repackaging the source and publishing it.

However, if they ARE using the GDevelop logo anywhere, then they are breaching the license (since that isn’t MIT licensed). I’ll let the dev team know.

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There’s the loading logo from the playstore app:

This application is not an official GDevelop application.
Do not download it, and do not put your GDevelop credentials in it because they might be stolen.

Thank you for reporting this because it infringes on the use of the GDevelop brand name.