GDevelop Insecure download?

So, I am trying to get Gdevelop on a Dell Windows 10 laptop, but when I try to save the file and run it, it says that security stopped the opening because the file might harm the pc! What’s wrong?

It’s normal for the first few days after a new version is released.
You can confirm and install it.

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So, It’s not insecure and it won’t harm the pc at all?

If the download is from the official source, it’s okay.
I’ve got the message over 10 times already and I know a couple of threats here about that.


In general the rule is as jack mentioned, if you have downloaded something from the official place, it is unlikely to be harmful but you may get a warning if a file is new or the origin is unknown (no signature).

You can always upload the file to VirusTotal and double check:

In this case, GDevelop 5 beta108 get 100% clean sheet from all tests and it is safe to run.
However, sometimes, one or two Antivirus may falsely detect it as malicious, it is also no reason for concern, the rule personally I apply in cases like that not only with GDevelop but everything in general is if the following AV engines find it clean on VirusTotal then it is very likely not malicious and the others are wrong:


If every single one of these comes back clean then it is very likely not harmful and safe to run.
If 3 or more of the above AV tools do detect it as malicious then something is wrong and do not install and run. Report it to the developers on the forum and GitHub and let them investigate. Even if that happens it still can be false detection, a configuration the AV engines dislike, not necessarily means it is dangerous but in that case it is better to be cautious and investigate before run it. Or if you must run it, run it in a sandbox if your AV support it.
If most of these AV engines detect it with the exception of 1 or 2 maybe then it is definitely infected and delete it immediately, do not run under any circumstances.


Thanks, I’ll try it out!