GDevelop.js: parts of GDevelop compiled into Javascript

An announcement that could interest developers :slight_smile:

I’ve open-sourced the bindings that allow GDevelop core classes to be compiled into Javascript. The result is called GDevelop.js and this is the library that is used to power GDevApp. You can take a look at it on its GitHub page:

[size=150]What it is useful for?[/size]

The library is usable in Node.js or any browser (browser supporting asm.js will be more efficient).
It contains the core classes of GDevelop that can be used to manipulate a game. You can use it to:
-generate games that can be opened with GDevelop
-open GDevelop games (saved as .json) and modify them
-build any kind of tools for GDevelop games (even a new IDE :smiley: GDevApp is entirely powered by this library!)

[size=150]Try it[/size]

If you want to try it, examples are included that can be launched with node. See … es/demo.js for example!

If you do not want to compile the library by yourself with Emscripten, just grab the .js file on this page: and modify the examples to use this file (replace require([…]/libGD.js) by require(’./libGD.js’) and put libGD.js into the directory of the example).

This is a “R&D” project, I’ve put efforts to make sure the library can be compiled without struggling too much with Emscripten and include a few examples to get you started. If you have some knowldege with Javascript and Node.js you should be able to use it without too much efforts.