GDevelop just updated - now I can't login

Hi. GDevelop just updated to 5.3.185, and I can’t log in to the desktop version. I can still log in to the browser version with the same credentials, but the desktop version just keeps spinning.

I mean ones like hotkeys you changed/set or layout of scene editor like on which side you put object properties panel or theme you selected
BUT NOTHING that is project related so they are safe

You can open any folder type in address bar %appdata% and hit enter
Now from that folder remove Gdevelop 5 folder and now you download and install new version from site

I’ll give that a go thanks!

Ok - So I tried to do this, but the system wouldn’t let me delete the folder because it was in use. I looked at the task manager and saw there were 4 gdevelop5 tasks still running (even though Gdevelop was closed). I ended those tasks and relaunched GDevelop, and it was all back to normal without the need to delete the folder.

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