GDevelop lagging in long session

Hi, I’ve just tried this great engine a couple days ago. I’m pretty happy with it due to how easy it is to create your own game mechanics and making your own sprite. No lagging when I was doing a tutorial project, in fact, the engine ran fast! The problem is as of late, my project has 50+ objects and it starts getting annoying when I couldn’t stay any more than 10 minutes because the engine would lag (the preview of the game itself, on the other hand, ran fine no problem there) to the point I had to close my project and reopen it only just to close it again after several minutes due to severe lag.

Note: I only had my GDevelop open and no other programs were running (except for windows system stuff).

Is there a way to reduce this lagging (like tweaking the Windows Task Manager or some sort)?

Here is my specs:

This is probably due to a memory leak. That is when a variable is constantly recretaed and never deleted due to an issue in the code. Try to work normally with the task manager open and try to find what action is causing this (dragging an event, adding an instance to the scene, etc) that makes the resources in the task manager go higher every time you perform it wiothout making it smaller again. Then we (4ian and contributors) will be able to find the issue more easily :slight_smile:

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Seems to be what is called “garbage collection”! As said by Arthur, memory is never clear (this process takes time) and you have only 4Go RAM.

So, you don’t say precisely what type of project is lagging (window, android, etc.). Can you précise?

If you can identify a set of steps (click here, open that, close that, click here again, repeat X times) that make the memory consumption goes higher and higher (look at the task manager), please comment with these steps and maybe there is a memory leak indeed :slight_smile: