GDevelop Logo Meaning

Just curious…

What does the GDevelop logo signify? I mean… I know G develop stands for Game Develop… saw that is some old post… but the protruding G with the arc below it… was wondering about the inspiration behind it…


Ahah I’ve never asked myself the question since 10 years :o
i wish know too


The topic’s dying… @global-admin / @4ian, want to shed some light? :slight_smile:

To be honest, I really like the old GDevelop Logo :wink:

The G is a kind of spiral that was cut (at the D of “Develop”) (you start from the center and follow the G, then continue an imaginary spiral until the arc below the G, then you continue an imaginary spiral from the arc to go around the G.

The meaning of the spiral is that it’s a shape where you start from a point and expand by circling around what you already have. I liked the analogy of this with programming, where you create an app/game by building abstraction/functions/behaviors on top of simple stuff, then you can reuse these abstraction/functions/behaviors to make things even more complex and interesting, and so on :slight_smile:

So the logo is a very subtle hint at the art of building stuff (in our case game) by assembling building blocks - which is now particularly the case with custom behaviors/extensions using events.

Final note, the spiral as the interesting property that it goes in all the directions, filling the entire space. It’s a hint at allowing people to create things without limits - you’re not constrained into going in a direction.