GDevelop not opening on Mac

Whenever I open GDevelop, I get this error:

I’m on macOS Ventura, I have been using GDevelop for a while on macOS Ventura, and I went to open it, and now it won’t work. I’ve tried reinstalling GDevelop twice now, and it still won’t work. Can anyone help?

pleaseeeee helppppppppp

Hmmmm… Is there a way to directly message GDevelop staff? They may be able to help. Also, is there a debugger on Mac?

Not sure, but I can’t even open GDevelop.

What version of GDevelop do you have installed? Have you tried installing previous versions (5.2.172 or lower)?
If you can log in with versions lower than 5.2.173 of GDevelop, you should disable the automatic installation of new versions. I know that they have incorporated several changes starting with version 5.2.173 and perhaps these versions are causing problems for you at the moment.

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Thanks, I’ll try this.

This didn’t work… Anything else I could try?