Gdevelop not working

When I try to make my game, often this happens, there is no error code, so I don’t know what to do to prevent this.

I think there is no way to prevent this. All you can do is save your project frequently so that it doesn’t corrupt. This has happened to me too.

The main problem is that there is no error code

Have you tried looking in the developer toolkit (press Ctrl+ Shift+ I). I don’t expect it to work as it might also be frozen.

Also, what where you doing when GDevelop froze?

Try to start your game with Debugger so you can check where the game get stuck

This kind of empty app can happend when the user haven’t all the permission on their PC.
Try to run as administrator atleast the first time.
If you use a 32bits OS you have to know we didn’t support it anymore.
If you have a 32bits OS your best chance is to use the webapp with google drive.