GDevelop on Chrome OS

Chrome OS (and my Chromebook) is slowly becoming my favourite OS for daily use because of it simplicity, speed, reliability and security. But for development, coding, I’ve been forced to use Windows and other Linux distros simply because there were no secure way to run any of the development tools I’v been using without a hack and without compromising security.
Finally, the time has come. Earlier this week, my Chromebook has received the update for Chrome OS that including the possibility to run Linux applications officially and securely on Chrome OS. Obviously GDevelop was one of the first apps to try and see if it runs on my Chromebook and the result is…

It works! On the screenshot I did bring the shelf (dock) up by purpose as proof it is actually running on Chrome OS obviously it is auto hide when a window is overlapping. One problem though, for some reason I can not resize the window on the desktop, it runs only in full screen but it may got something to do with React as I don’t have this problem with any other native Linux app but I can resize the window of the preview. Only the IDE is effected. Other than that, everything seem to be working just fine.

So just wanted to put this out there and let everyone know the desktop version of GDevelop now officially runs also on Chrome OS without a hack which I am really excited about…

If you look carefully, you may also notice the Gnome Software Center on the shelf that we can also install now on Chrome OS and using that, we can easily and conveniently browse and install any Linux apps and games available in the repositories. It is only beta, don’t know if it going to be the official way to install Linux apps on Chrome OS but it works already so anyone can use it to browse and install productive Linux apps :slight_smile:
One thing I haven’t tried is installing Wine and run Windows apps but in theory it should work too :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to install but I can’t. Mine is a Samsung chromebook plus. ARM CPU. is this the problem? Can you help me?

Sorry, I don’t know. I would think GD should be built and packaged specifically for ARM architecture and the dependencies but not sure. Do you get any error messages in the terminal that could help?

If you don’t know how, just open the linux terminal and type in
chmod +x /path/to/gd/executable

Obviosuly replace /path/to/gd/executable with the actual path.

Whoa! How Does It Work For Chromebook? It doesn’t work for me!

No, currently it is not working on all Chromebooks and after 2 years I don’t think it is worth considering.

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