Gdevelop Plans: New information

Recently, I was looking for some code to use for a project, when I came across the fact that Gdevelop has updated. After looking at the new features, I noticed a link to the pricing plan page for Gdevelop. I clicked on it and the information I came across was interesting to say the least.

Now, for the sake of not putting everything into the same small post, I’m going to show what I found on different posts. This may take some time to finish everything, so please bare with me. Also, I doubt i’m going to finish everything in one sitting, or even finish it at all, so please wait, or feel free to make your own comparisons.
Also I will only be covering individual plans. No pro, or educational plans here.

Also, should clarify that I mean no hate to Gdevelop, and neither should anyone reading do so too.

Initial Page

As you can see, this is the basic page showcasing the different subscription for Gdevelop. As you can see, in the silver subscription section, it mentions you can publish your games on the web, desktop, and on the Google Play Store.
However, It doesn’t seem to say that on the free basic plan.
Now, this is really just bad communication on Gdevelop’s end, as free exports and publishing aren’t going away for free users.

Now, other than that, nothing seems out of the ordinary here. I can imagine people being upset that IOS building is only for the gold subscription, however I don’t really find that to be a problem. Its not like building for IOS is already a feature in Gdevelop now, or before (correct me if there’s a verison of Gdevelop with automatic IOS building that i’m not aware of), and besides, It cost a lot of money to publish games on the App Store, with it not even being a one-time fee, so it shouldn’t really be a problem.

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Feature Comparison: Creation

As you can see, here is the table of what features you can get in each plan for Gdevelop.
Now, the first row, about the game engine, is checked in all columns, meaning that all versions of Gdevelop has the same basic editor.
The second row is about the debugger and live preview which, despite the nag screen, is present in all versions.
For cloud projects, it shows the amount of cloud projects you can have. For the free plan, its 3, for the silver plan, it’s 50,and for the gold plan, its 100. What’s interesting to note, is that previously, for the free plan, you could have more cloud projects (I think it was either 5 or 10 cloud projects) with 50mb being the biggest each one can be. Now, maybe the change of the amount of cloud projects, along with the lack of a mention of project size, could indicate that we’re getting less cloud projects for a free account, and in return, each project will have more, or even unlimited storage space.
Next row is about access the the Gdevelop mobile app. It states that silver and gold subscriptions will allow access the mobile app, and not free users. I’m assuming it will work the same as it has always done, limiting the use of the mobile app unless you have a paid subscription. Again, I’m going to assume this just some more bad communication (even if using the mobile app for free is basically useless).
Final row is for game prototypes with AI. I see this feature as a novelty, so this is the extent to what I will say.

Feature Comparison: Publishing

All users have access to unlimited publishing to, which is to be expected, as obviously Gdevelop would want to promote their own game hosting site.
For silver and gold subscriptions, users get 10 and 100 automatic exports for both desktop and mobile a day each, respectively. As for free users, it’s a bit more complicated. Users who created their account before February 2024 (also known as “Early Bird Accounts”) have 2 mobile and desktop exports each, a day, which has been the case before. However, accounts made after only have 1 export for desktop and mobile a day, each. Some people, especially newer users may not like this, as they are getting less than the users who came first. Fortunately, and as should be the case, manual exports are still unlimited and free for everyone.
That leaves the Gdevelop watermark, which I am going to assume is staying the same as before.

Also, it would be nice for Gdevelop to direct, or even provide us a tutorial on how to use manual exports.

Just for context, there is a full documented tutorial on all manual export options on the wiki. I wouldn’t expect them to make a video that reproduces that content. (That said, I have no foreknowledge on what they are working on.)

Feature Comparison: Social & Online

Player feedback is limited to 3 per game for basic users, 10 per users for silver users, and unlimited for gold users. Also, although I can’t remember the amount, you definitely had a higher feedback limit in free and silver before. Also there is no mention of early bird accounts here.
Similarly, free and silver users get 1 leaderboard a game, while gold users get unlimited. Before this, free users would get 3 leaderboards a game, however what I’m more surprised about is that silver accounts only have 1 leaderboard. I really don’t get this, and think that 5 should be a reasonable amount of leaderboards, especially since leaderboards are a useful thing to have. Yes, I know you can probably make your own leaderboard in the editor, however that would probably be hard to do if your not using something like steam or another service to do it. Also, there is no mention of early bird accounts.
Leaderboard stylization is not present in free or silver, and in gold you can only change the color.
Analytics for games is only present for silver and gold subscriptions, even though there is no reason for it to be out of free accounts.
Online multiplayer support is for gold users only, which is to be expected, as obviously hosting servers ain’t cheap.
None of the option have support for embedding a game to any website with one click.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

Also would like to point out that me comparing what you could do now, and what you could do before, does not necessarily mean I have a problem with the change (even though most times, it probably is).

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And that’s it. I don’t really feel that the other sections in the table have any interesting information, except for the fact that only silver and gold users get monthly credit, or that gold users can claim one asset pack per month.

If you want to do your own comparisons, feel free to do so.

I am little bit confused now because game analytics, debugger and preview seems normally to work like before for me somehow.

What is the difference between the preview and “nag screen”?

Im assuming nag screen is the screen that comes up when you open debugger, to tell you to support gdevelop

Seems like “early bird accounts” still have there sacred export limit.

nice to see that

Also, looks like early birds seem to keep there leaderboard limit too

To be honest, these new plans looks still fair to me.

Edit: Maybe it would be helpful to have clarifcation about the situation that older users have other limits.

Yeah, exactly what i’m thinking!

For anyone wanting a brief summary, the changes only really apply to new users. Nothing has changed if you’ve signed up before February 2024.

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The features that are limited are the features that cost them money to upkeep. The fact they give so much to us for free is kinda amazing in and of itself. A whole site dedicated just for games made with GDevelop!
It’s very understandable that they decreased these for newer accounts, the engine is becoming more popular and I don’t think the revenue can grow as much as the userbase, since this is an open-source project.

Like I said, the new plans looks still fair to me.
I’m just wondering why older accounts don’t get the new plans: It seems very generous in this world.
GDevelop is a great engine with all its features.