GDevelop premium for smartphones is useless

I stopped making games for a while and when I came back, (as I sometimes use my smartphone to use GDevelop) I found that there was a new GDevelop app. As I was using the app (and because I don’t have premium), I ended up discovering two bugs:

The first one is with the amount of events you can use. Normally you have a limit of 30 events, but if you put events inside event groups and close those groups, it only counts as one, so you can have as many events as you want if you organize properly.

The other bug I’ve found is that if you don’t want to bother with anything that normally needs premium, you can just use the online version of GDevelop in the browser, which has no limitations (I think). And if you’re using the app and want to do something that needs premium, just load the game in your browser, do whatever you want, save it, and open it again in the app. For example, I wanted to add a new scene in my game, so I tried it and realized it needs premium for that, so I opened the online version, added the scene, saved it, opened the project back in the app and the scene was there.

These are just a few bugs I found in the app, I really like that we can now make games on our smartphones with an app. I don’t think I want these bugs fixed (as I don’t have premium), but I wanted to let you know about this.

The first thing you mentioned does sound like a bug, so I’ve flagged this accordingly.

This is actually not a bug. There is no intent to limit the web or desktop apps. The mobile app is developed explicitly separately and made possible by the subscriptions (and made for the subscriptions specifically, there’s just a limited free option available). Think of the app as “GDevelop Mobile” (a separate engine almost) and not “GDevelop for mobile”.

The devs intend to keep all existing functionality on the desktop/mobile apps as they are, and recommend folks that can’t or don’t want to support via subscriptions to use the web app in that case. For folks that want to go through swapping back and forth as you mention, that’s totally fine.

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