Gdevelop preview is black

it just is black i’ve changed the size nothing.

Check your events then run the game and go to

The developer tools will open now go to console and check if there is some error messages there this could be a lot of things, maybe a loop event or an image or any other resource are not loading.
Anyway share some screenshots of your events so we can help you better.

i did that just now by looking at others problems


Check if you’re using some effect in any object try to disable or check the events related to the objects with effects.

it a blank screen no object or any thing

That isn’t related to what Ulises said. You need to check your object settings iand events n your project.

wat i said there is no objects in my game i just made a new project it

What is the version of the application?
Did you use an effect on a layer?
Did you use an effect on an object ? No
Did you updated the app, and reinstall a previous version just after? Like go for b117, and revert to b115.
Did you already tried to reinstall gdevelop?

If you can, please send your game.json file
If you can’t send the game.json file, send a step by step to reproduce the issue.

yeah a upate came and ruined every thing i think its the update

You don’t answer the other questions.
They are all important.

the thing is i have the same problem as them

i did not use layers it a new project