GDevelop publisher

Does anyone know of a good video game publisher or any contacts like that?
It’s for a nice project, with a huge scope.

As far as I know, there is not :pensive: @CorianderGames searched a lot for his game Miko’s Adventure Puffball, but could not find one.

Maybe you could try your luck with, they published and made ports for multiple construct games, and construct is not too different from GDevelop (both use JavaScript and have a somewhat similar project structure).

Too bad I’m also looking for a good publisher.

Mini Militia App Lock

I don’t know what you require in a publisher, but these guys say:

We are both genre and platform agnostic…

So I take that to mean they don’t mind what engine you use.
EDIT: I just realised that ‘platform’ doesn’t mean ‘engine’. But still, might be worth contacting them anyway.

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