Gdevelop seems to have deleted my entire game (minus the ones outside of the gdevelop folders)

Have been using Gdevelop over the last 4 months making my first game, the files have followed me over from ubuntu studio 20.04 to windows 10, surviving multiple updates both with gdevelop and windows itself, updated windows yesterday evening, updated gdevelop yesterday night, woke up today, my entire game minus the files outside of the gdevelop folders are completely gone. vanished. nowhere to be found.

hoping its a gdevelop problem and theres a way to get them back because talking to a chatbot for a problem is like stabbing yourself repeatedly for fun. found this out from the error message that says “you dont have permission to edit or access this game”, which I thought was a pathway error again, so I searched through all of the common and uncommon places the files usually are at, including the original file location that I moved the files to when I transferred OS’s. even the gdevelop appdata/local/programs folder didn’t have a gdevelop projects folder.

the good news is that I have a backup… from 2 months ago on a usb.

Maybe with a software that recovers deleted files you can find them since they’ve recently been gone.

There is nothing in GDevelop that has you save your projects to the GDevelop folder.

Did you mean you saved the projects to a different folder then that folder was deleted?

In that cases, GD5 itself wouldn’t delete that folder ever.

If you have been saving files in GDevelop’s install folder, then I could see the files disappearing as some upgrades will fully reinstall the client including install folders. GDevelop’s installer is not made by the GDevelop team, but is instead using a standard open source installer, so I’m not sure that behavior can be changed.

Unfortunately, the only thing I can recommend is see if you can use the right-click > restore previous versions option in windows. If on linux there are some undelete commands but I don’t remember specifics.

Outside of that, I strongly recommend you don’t utilize the main application folder as your project folder (as it isn’t designed for that) and consider getting a private GitHub repository set up to sync using Github Desktop. How to backup and maintain your project using GitHub and GitHub Desktop [GDevelop wiki]