GDevelop user research - input, please!

Hi there, I’m working on some new tutorials for GDevelop a part of the Google Season of Docs program. One of the things I want to do is make sure the tutorials and documentation meet users’ needs. I’d love to get a few responses from real users - a bit of audience research, if you will. If any of you would take the time to answer one or more of my questions, that would be wonderful. Thank you!

  • What brought you to GDevelop? (Did a friend recommend it? A forum? If you found it while searching the internet, what were you searching for?)

  • Did you have experience creating games prior to using GDevelop? If not, what computer skills do you have?

  • Are you creating games for fun, are you hoping to monetize your games, or a bit of both?

  • If you’ve followed an existing GDevelop tutorial, what did you like about it? Was there anything you didn’t like, or did you find anything confusing?

  • Are there any elements or tasks in GDevelop that you would love to see documented more fully?

  • When learning about a new feature in GDevelop, would you rather read a guide, follow a tutorial, watch a video, or some combination of all three?

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Hi there,
Layers and cameras are still undocumented, I think. :innocent:

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Noted - thank you for taking the time to reply! :smile:

I prefer writing guide, because we can edit it.
But video are perfect for get new user.

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Oh, good point about the ability to edit - especially given the evolving nature of open-source projects! Thanks for your reply.

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