GDevelop using AI is a little worrying. (I'm Just Venting)


GDevelop using AI is a little worrying.

AI has made its way to the codeless game engine, GDevelop. Which is a little scary. As it stands it isn’t all that powerful and only does little side scrollers, y’know just the basics really.

But as time goes on there’s no doubt in my mind that it’ll improve greatly, and just like in some other professions it’ll possibly be able to win contests or even over throw some really great and authentic works.

Why you would even need to use AI in a CODELESS game engine is beyond me, I mean this is as EASY as it gets. This isn’t meant to attack anyone in the slightest, but you must understand things from the POV of people who really love to make games and push our creativity to its limits. It’s just a little scary is all.

Imagine spilling blood, sweat, and tears into your dream game, and you finally finish it for all to see, but nobody cares because an AI machine did it with better graphics, music, and gameplay. That would SUCK right?

This is all a bit of an overreaction really. I’m not even sure if there even going to update it that far, but then again people back then thought that art would remain a human talent as well. And now some have given up art entirely.

Aight I’m done. I want pop-tarts.


I don’t understand what you mean by AI has made it’s way to GDevelop? In what way? Technically is has already been in place for ages, in the form of the PathFinding behaviour. As it stands, AI is very useful for making in game decisions, like determining what an enemy does or how it should behave.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and threatened by it, try embrace it and use it to enhance your games. No point in fighting something that you cannot beat.

There are no pop-tarts. Like the cake, they are a lie…

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I think their concern is the newest update adds a language learning model prompt text box when you create a new project.

You can type what you want and it will try to adapt a few predefined templates (platformer, top down game, etc) with asset store resources to get as close to your prompt as possible.

For Lightstone, keep in mind this is just a prompt system, being trained on data provided to it, using templates made by the GDevelop company, and existing assets. None of the nefarious stuff you see happening with midjourney or anything like that

Does it create magically amazing games from a prompt? No, nor is that the current intent. Just meant as a way to get people somewhere to start from.


I think there is nothing we can do against it. AI generated content is the future and I believe it is very exciting.

Personally I love to work on the logic, solve problems, implement and design mechanics myself but other times I can also enjoy the maker type of tools that allow me to relax and focus on game design and story instead of mechanics.

Imagine one day you be able to describe what you want and the AI going to generate it for you.
Always remind me of the holodeck in StarTrek when people describe what environment, characters, music they want and the computer generate everything, but sometime even the computer get it wrong and they “the engineers” need to dig in to the code to make improvements manually. I think it is a very exciting future that allow anyone to become a creator and use words to create instead of painting brush and code.

Yes. It would suck. But it’s an AI. It will be like that for all of us, but doing it yourself will still be more rewarding than an AI doing it. People will still be impressed by our hard work, gdevelop is the game making engine for everyone. So why not include it being for AI :laughing:

True, true to EVERYTHING being said here. Just panicked a bit and thought that AI would replace us as video game creators. Maybe it will, but like it’s been said, not really anything to do about it so…:man_shrugging:

Even still, it’s not very easy to “embrace” something that threatens to ruin my ENTIRE reason for living.

I didn’t go to school for ALL of my life just to have an application denied because a robot can do it better and cheaper.

Some of you seem to think that I’m TOTALLY against AI (which I can get why), but using it for things like inspiration and guidance is totally fine and I’m all for it, but my fear is that AI will get to a point where absolutely ANYBODY can do what you want to do. Do you have ANY idea how hard it would be to find work you actually enjoy?

The main objective of school is to develop your learning through the stages of cognitive development. A lot of what you learn at school you’ll never apply later on in life, but you will always use the learning process .

When the assembly line for automobiles was first introduced, many foretold of mass unemployment. Here were machines that did it all, labour was no longer needed. What they didn’t foresee was that this new fangled ‘invention’, the car, would create jobs that didn’t exist using their skills, and create industries to support and maintain automobile related jobs (mechanics, roading workers, panel beaters, spare parts, wreckers etc)

Just because AI will eventually develop programs for us, doesn’t mean there won’t be a creation of new industries or jobs that we don’t know about today.

It would just be an advancement you’ll have to get used to, It’s bound to happen someday.

I understand that you’re worried about the AI ​​in the engine getting better in the future, but let’s think about the present now:

The AI ​​is currently um… weak, uncreative and limited in the free plan (no offense to the developers), it just a tool that make game development easier (This is in case the AI ​​can generate the correct game you are expecting).

For Game Jams, remember before GDevelop’s built-in AI, there was GPT, and before that there was copy-and-paste from stackoverflow and game templates.
A long time ago there was cheating in Game jams, justice there depends on the conscience of the participant, in fact there are some Game jams that already set a rule “do not use AI”.

Imagine spilling blood, sweat, and tears into your dream game, and you finally finish it for all to see, but nobody cares because an AI machine did it with better graphics

AI isn’t a monopoly or exclusive feature of some people, in fact, why not use it now to improve your game?
There is no reason to make games without AI (if it’s not for game jam), If someone doesn’t release an update to match current technologies, they either don’t know, they don’t care, the game don’t need these technologies, or the game is abandoned.
In the end, GDevelop’s AI is so limited, it’s impossible for it to make a complete, unique, successful game that’s ready to be published… at least for now.

As others also mentioned. AI will not and can not replace creativity. Yes anyone may be able to generate all kind of things using AI and yes some people going to love it, some of them may be even popular but AI will never be able to solve problems require creative thinking. Being able to describe what you want using words is also a skill that not everyone going to be good at. Just look at all those AI generated images. Some of them are so amazing it is a wonder how can people still generate poor quality images, because they do. Some AI generated image looks garbage while others looks truly amazing.

For the AI to be able to generate anything useful, it is require someone to provide a proper description of the result often using multiple steps for each individual detail that only creative people with art or programming background can do. “Create a platformer with a Wizard solving puzzles while fighting Smurfs in the forest to capture the princess” will certainly be not enough description to create an interesting experience.


Absolutely true, forgot AI has to be operated by a human for a second.