Gdevelop won't launch on debian

Hello everyone

I’m looking to give a try to gdevelop on my old crappy laptop (with an old celeron 900).
I’ve downloaded the tar.gz, unzipped it but when I try to launch gdevelop, it just open a frozen window. I’ve tried many things : install libgconf 2.4 (I already have a 3.2.6-4 installed), install libglew, update my system, wait to see if something happens… Nothing works, the window just open and freeze instantly.

There are not many case like mine and when I find some, there are no solutions :confused:

I’m using debian updated (4.9.189-3). Of course, the online version works fine on chromium.

If you have any idea… :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve found a solution : i was using a terminal command but using the double click solution seems to works fine :smiley: