Gdevelop4 version 4097

Ok I have installed gdevelop 4097 version. Simple reason is because Im using windows 7 32bit. I know! I know gdevelo is not bothering to update or expand on 32bit ops, which is a shame as many people still use 32 bit machines. Not everyone can afford to get the latest computers when they upgrade or update.

However these developers should not dismiss 32bit users. Anyway thats opinion. I am happy to use gdevelop, I think its a fantastic tool to help new people to make games. Shame the lack of support is there to help them along.

My problem us when I add a music file to like for example: The splash screen, or even levels. I hit the preview. The gdevelop crashes. All music and sounds are converted to ogg file.

The error pop ups are this: 1st pop up says: .A fatal error has occurred: (02) Segmentation Fault. Gdevelop has to shut down.

2nd pop up says: Microsoft visual c++ runtime library. This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

I wish the gdevelop developer hadnt of claimed there should not be any errors ir problems. Because this is going against there claims. Does anyone has any solutions, from the gdevelop team if possible. If so, can you explain simple thank you.

GDevelop 4 has not been supported since shortly after the release of GD5 many years ago. With that in mind, there isn’t really much of a GD4 userbase around anymore.

I won’t close out the thread in hopes that someone might be able to help you out, but please note that since that release isn’t supported anymore, there may not be a solution for you.

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It was a long time ago, but I think I got this this error message with sound when I was playing music and sound on a channel but I don’t remember exactly what the problem was. I am no longer have GD4 so I am not able to confirm if this is the problem in your case, but try to play sound and music using the base events instead of using the events to play on a channel. If that works, try to play on a channel of low value like channel 0, channel 1, channel 2, don’t go too high with channel value because that could also cause the crash. Don’t know much about sound encoding and hardware, but on old versions of Android for example when I go higher than channel 5 on certain devices my app crash. So try not to play sound and music on channels but if you do, try to keep the channel value low and see if it helps.

There are unofficial 32bit builds of GD5 shared here, I recommend to take a look:

Not sure if they work on Windows 7 though.


Thank you for your reply. I understand that some had the need to be upgraded. But the developers has a tendency to dismis 32bit for 64bit. and expect people to go out an buy a updated computer just to use there software. There are some people who still happy to use 32bit machines because it still works. Bur anyway, I do understand GD5 is out, but there no reason to dismiss a 32bit version. Thanks for your reply all the same

Thanks for your replies. I managed to find the fault, it was a corrupted runtime file that was conflicting with GD4 somehow. when I fixed that problem I had another which was NTD.DLL. Im not sure why GD was sharing a microsoft dll file. but had many problems with that. I dont dont how I fixed it. But I reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library versions from 2008 to 2016. Why I did that I dont know. but somehow it worked So the previous problems has been fixed. Now the only problem comes up is GDcore.dll not everytime but now and again it pops ups as an error. Ive not looked much into that file. Perhaps anyone of you ppl can share info about that file. I would appreciate it if you could. Thanks again for your reply.