GDevelop5 for Apps?

Hello to GDevelop5 gurus,

I am wondering. Can GDevelop5 can be used to create mobile applications rather than games? Thinking the UI might be difficult to achieve. Has anyone given this a try.

On a side note: Thank you to the creator of GDevelop for giving the open source community his genius and hard work.



it depends on the purpose, but i suppose it’s possible to make a simple application with gdevelop. But as you may know, gdevelop isn’t the best way to design and create applications, other than games.

What do you have in mind ? What do you want your application to do ?

As Kink mentioned it is depends on what kind of app you want to do but using events the possibilities are very limited. You can use JavaScript within GDevelop which certainly add more freedom but then in my honest opinion in case you would be using JS anyway it makes no sense to use GDevelop. You can use pure HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to create your app with no limits. But then if you would be coding anyway, I would personally go with either C# and Visual Studio or Java and Android Studio or even AppGameKit to create native mobile app instead of messing with packaging a web app to mobile using Cordova.

I don’t personally like web technology to create mobile apps or games because there is a lib and framework for pretty much anything and everything and it is very tempting but none of them works perfectly. If compatibility, stability, reliability and user experience is important then I would recommend to go native and use web technology only if being done fast is the most important factor and you don’t care for the devices where the app doesn’t run.

However in case you do prefer using web technology and one that require no coding even Construct 2/3 would be a better option as it has more features that can be useful for developing a mobile app without coding but it is also depends on what kind of app you want to make.

Hey @Kink & @ddabrahim,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. I’ve been enjoying a little bit of playing with GDevelop5. I do use Html5, CSS, javascript with Cordova for some small esoteric apps that I have on the Appstore, but I’m not much of a coder and I’m always interested in “snap together” or other types of “no code” software. Like many on this forum, I’ve tried most of them, but the problem is that they really are written for games and not for apps. I am not a gamer and never have been a gamer so I’m ignorant about what anyone would even want to play. I do enjoy making little apps though. I also appreciate anyone who is willing to open source a project like GDevelop5. I’ll keep dabbling in it and see what I can do. The open source app platforms like ionic4, onsenui, etc are wonderful, but they really aren’t so open source now. Seems like many of these developers decide to add “cloud” options that require fees. I can’t afford the kind of fees that they ask. I come from the era where people could buy software one time and use it. I 'm a dinosaur.

Thanks again…