Gdevelop5 Tweens are not working in a new version

Hello. I have been using Gdevelop for not too long but still long enough to know much about it. I discovered tweens about a month after I first used Gdevelop and have been using it in every project ever since. But right now, I have encountered some problem that the tweens have just stopped working. I checked the syntax and used different kinds of tweens but nothing is working. Other events and actions are going just fine. This is not just in one project but in every one of them.
Plus, this started happening after I updated Gdevelop to version 5.3.185. In fact, when I copy and paste any older tweens from my projects built in other versions, it works just fine.
Is this a problem with an update or is it something with my system? I haven’t tried re-installing Gdevelop yet, so if that is the solution, I can try it. If you can find what is causing the problem, I would be grateful. Thanks.

Hello, tweens are now in seconds instead of miliseconds, you probably just did not realize that.

Hi. Thanks for the help. Can’t believe I did not notice that earlier. This second thing makes my work easier in fact.