GDIDE.exe 3.3.71 not working with Geforce 337.5 driver?

I installed the latest Geforce 337.5 XP 32bit driver and now GDIDE.exe 3.3.71 from 7z package doesn’t start when doubleclicked.

GDIDE_dev.exe does work.

What are the differences - can I use GDIDE_dev instead of the GDIDE.exe?

GDIDE and GDIDE_dev should be the same executable except that GDIDE_dev display the black console with logging messages in it and there is no “manifest file” associated with it, so that the controls (text areas…) are displayed using an old window skin.
It’s not cute but you should be able to use it, it works normally :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your reply.

GDIDE_dev.exe works fine - or should I say it worked fine until it crashed?

At least this time I could send you an error message - it’s very strange, that it worked yesterday and doesn’t start anymore now, like GDIDE.exe.

I’d suggest downgrading drivers to version that worked. From what I read, this version of drivers crash a lot of apps and games, they might be buggy.

//edit: Also XP is outdated shit.

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I have the same issue, but my laptop has nVidia (don’t know what number - it just has the nVidia logo on the computer).

@Darkhog: XP might be old, but it works, which is why 30% of all computers still use it (and why 8.1 has an XP version - which is a MS joke I’m sure).