Gem jam 2 finished

Congratulations to @UlisesFreitas for winning the second ever gem jam.
You can see the results here

Thank you all for participating.
I have sent emails to the participants please do well to reply.


Uhm isn’t it weird? Be the bee has higher ranks everywhere and is 3rd?

Well the developers choice criteria was the overall criteria. Bee the bee is the highest in most criteria.

Congratulation @UlisesFreitas
but hey Gem
Is the calculation real cuz he got the higher rank than anyone but he is 3rd?

Thank you all, for me is good if the prizes are give to other participants, I’ve just joined the gamejam to enjoy the adventure, not for the prizes or to win.

Is it okay if I give a preview of your game on my channel.

Sure you can, plus if you can add in the description this link
[ [igniter jam][ended][winner bubble box] ]
it would be nice

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I would. Good luck on your jam.

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I am not sure how he got on 3rd his ratings are higher than everyone I think there is a mistake somewhere or has a particular way in which the games were rated. The calculation was done by

I have researched other game jams and according to the evaluations received by the game in the “Developer Choice” category, it is what makes the difference, but if you look closely the other game wins in everything except developer choice, I suppose it will be for that.

Well in that case bee the bee game is the winner of the jam.

Yeah. I don’t think it was fair not sure how scored this. I think should have been calculated the average and the one closer to 1 is the winner which should be Be The Bee. Frankly it doesn’t make sense to be only 3rd with a clean sheet. LOL

Am, usually the developer choice is a second award given. There is one who win the Gem based on multiple criteria and there is one who win the developer choice award regardless how well it was scored in all other areas. This is how it usually works.

Thanks I would take note of this in my next jam. For this jam since an overall criteria wasn’t created we would have to select a winner based on the average like @ddabrahim said. Which makes be the bee the winner of the jam.