Getting a game recognised and 'out there'

Hi there,
I have now released two games to Playstore and as follows

Paid version

Free version with limited play

Really enjoyed making the games, but finding it impossible to get it recognised and earning any views or downloads with even the free version.

Therefore I am thinking of giving away the json file and graphics to those that buy the paid version. At least someone might benefit from this and learn from a playable version of a full game made with GDevelop, and who knows, I might even get some revenue back.

Your thoughts are welcome, or advice how to get a game recognised and ‘out there’ please

I am just starting up using GDevelop and like your type of game. If I buy the game, how would I get the json file and graphics cheers

Hi Loon,
It will be a zip file extension that will be added to the apk download. It’s not there yet so please wait. You would also need to download GDevelop but I presume you already have that

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Hi! One of the most hard parts of today’s gamemaking is to be seen in the market!
There is a lot of apps and games released everyday, and that makes so important to work in social networks, media, etc. Mostly of the potential players will look to the screenshots or videos of a game only for a few seconds before deciding if they will use some of their time downloading and playing it.
Even medium indie budget studios have people working mostly in PR, or hire the services of PR agencies to reach more audience.
For small indies like us, is more difficult because our time and budget is very limited, but dont’t be discouraged, because with every game done, you are learning and getting better! Think for example in Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, they have released more than 50 unknown games before getting a big success!

Thanks for the advice. It’s a bit disheartening sometimes but then I enjoy it and just make it better. Cheers