GIVEAWAY - CF2.5, Todoist, 1PF

I have purchased the Humble GameDev Bundle and I already own Clicteam Fusion, so I decided to give it away.

The CF2.5 keys are already claimed, you welcome whoever you are :imp:

In case anyone interested you can still get it with many other useful tools for a very low price on HumbleBundle: … are-bundle

I have purchased the bundle for Spriter Pro, Spriter Art packs, Hexels 2.5 and PICO-8. Awesome staff, I can recommend it.

In case anyone is interested I also have the Todoist 1 year subscription and the 1 password families subscription to giveaway, let me know if you need them. The reason I don’t pass it here is because it is just code that need to be used on their website and in case someone just take it and use it without saying a word (as with the CF2.5 key), we have no way to know if it already been used until we register and try. Obviously, I don’t want people to keep register on their website and try it. Just let me know if you need it and I send a pm and let everyone know here I’m no longer have it, or just delete this part of my post.