Glitch - Can't Stop Jumping/Shooting on Mobile

I’ve got a 2D platformer, basic platformer behavior enabled. I am having a strange glitch on the mobile version of my game, centered around the ‘simulate jump’ and ‘simulate shoot’ commands. On some - not all, and I can’t pinpoint the cause - of the times you open the game, the character either jumps infinitely or shoots as soon as he picks up a bullet. It’s as if the game is registering that those buttons are constantly pressed.

These are the only commands that simulate the jump and shoot:

If I add in the ‘a new touch has started’ condition, the glitch does not occur, but then you can’t calibrate the jump height, which would cause a ton of problems for the game. I don’t understand why this is happening - any help would be greatly appreciated

The problem is when you touch the screen, the cursor moves to where the touch was made, and stays there. And there after, the “The cursor/touch...” event will always trigger.

Get around this by deactivating moving the mouse cursor with touches: