Glitchy screen on Android build

I exported my finished game to Android. Fine.
Now I integrated it with Admob, the test mode worked really fine and all, but now my game keeps glitching, the screen keeps flashing black and sometimes screen elements keeps flashing too(and the game runs really really slow), this happened only after I used Admob.
This is a huge bug, and please, fix this as soon as possible, I was about to launch my game on the Playstore, I can’t launch it on this state :frowning:

Disable the Admob features and try again, to confirm that Admob is indeed the issue.

Then confirm the version of GDevelop and Android.

There’s no “as soon as possible” here, everyone is volunteer. If there’s a bug indeed and you need it fixed quickly, we’ll explain how you can place a bug bounty to attract freelance developers.

The problem persisted even after I disabled admob(I removed the app id from the properties section).
But it was solved when I cleaned the game internal data on the configuration page on my Android device, so I figured that maybe it has something to do with cache. But then it appeared again when I opened it after the second time after cleaning the internal data, and then the cycle repeats.
The version I am using is the most recent version available on the GDevelop official website.
(And sorry for the “fix as soon as possible”).

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So it’s not related to Admob, right?
Does the preview work fine? And network preview? And Web build?
Check the Resources tab to remove unused resources… it might help.
Also, you can backup and duplicate your project and then delete parts of it until the bug disappears.
If you use the new lighting features, try disabling/removing them.

We need as many details as possible on the issue, to understand what’s going on.

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I am not using any lighting features, but will try to remove the unused resources however.
Also, I tested the game on other persons smartphones and on two that were mine. The result is that my two smartphones had some kind of glitch, but the other persons smartphones don’t. I couldn’t find any conclusuion of why my two smartphone suffered from the glitch while the other peoples don’t, especialy because the two are from different brands, resolutions, and processing power, the only thing that both have in common is that they use Android Nougat(but I can’t be sure if any of the persons who tested my game uses Nougat however).

Nougat should be fine.
Minimum requirement is Android 5, I believe.

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I tried now.
Removed the unused resources, but the problem still occurs. But I guess it is fine, the testers didn’t have any problems with glitching, So I believe that when I release to the Google Play Store it should be fine I guess.
But still, I think this should be taken as a seriously bug report, since it seems that something is indeed happening with GD to occur these strange glitches, even if it has or not something to do with Admob, and even if it is only on my smartphone.

To fix a bug, we need to give the devs clear steps that allow them to reproduce the issue on their side. They can’t fix it blindly.
Sharing a video recording of the issue would help, and sharing the project too (or any sample project that reproduces the issue).
Until you have provided all this information and the answers to the questions I asked earlier, I can’t report the bug properly.

I also have the same issue with m phone, here is the linkGlitchy screen bug on Android Phone

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