Good Start then Gdevelop fails badly

Off to a good start I downloaded Gdevelop and followed the platformer tutorials, ran into 2 issues

the first problem was setting the score does not work the way the tutorial shows. I had to find the answer on youtube

Second problem is the enemy code in tutorial did not work properly , I didnt find an answer for that

Then a very weird thing happened I closed the editor but when I try opening it again it wouldn’t open. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it opened but there was no working scene in scene view. So I just wasted a whole F#cking day learning something I cannot use. To the average person this might be ok, but I make android apps and I don’t have time to waste like that. Thanks for giving me hope and then crushing it.

Why did not ask here some help if you encounter an issue? And if there is bug in the tutorial it’s ok to inform it here so makers of the tutorial can fix it.

What editor did you close? Objects editor? Layers editor? Explain little more please. What software you used before, because you said you make android apps?

I was just run through but nothing seems to be wrong with the tutorials. :confused:

To display a score it is suggests to use a scene variable to store the value of score and use a text object with the expression:


To increase the value of the score check collision between player and coins, if player is in collision with coins increase the value of score.

To move enemy left and right, check collision between the enemy and the sprites on the left and right side of the screen:

[code]If enemy is in collision with sprite on the left : change enemy state to move right
If enemy is in collision with sprite on the right : change enemy state to move left

If enemy state move right : move enemy right
If enemy state move left : move enemy left[/code]

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The Gdevelop App itself won’t open up in windows sorry I wasn.t clearer as I was pissed.

@ ddabrahim

I see you question if I’am an android developer. Here

I don’t need tools to make simple apps I can code them in HTML+javascript and use phonegap build to compile them. I do need tools to make games because its really tedious and time consuming to code them. The examples I gave in the tutorial did not work , either the tutorial is wrong or the latest Gdevelop App for windows had a glitch.

So are you using GDevelop or GDevapp? I recommend you to download GDevelop 4.0.89 (or 4.0.91, but don’t get confused about new experimental build things.) and try that out, you knew that you can make mobile games with that?
I haven’t use GDevapp so I don’t know how is that working.
I use GDevelop and it works perfectly, if I encounter issue, I ask here and usually I get the answer. And all the tutorials should be working, if not, don’t get angry, ask here what might be the problem. Maybe you do something wrong, maybe tutorial is wrong.

If you want to create a professional game and as you said you know how to wirte code than I strongly recommend you to use a non visual programming game engine.
No matter if GDevelop, Stencyl or Construct2 they all offer pre made logic componnents that quickly take you to a finished game IF that game follows the mechanics the ENGINE developer had in mind. If you want to leave thouse railroad tracks and go your own way, you’ll either have to write your custom logic in c++ (hard core way) or use the logic bricks (creates a big mess even for simple tasks).
I recommend you to have a look at the “Godot engine”. It has a lot of features but you have to do the scripting yourself.

You sound like you have paid 1000$ for a commercial game engine and just realized the application doesn’t fit your quality standards while in fact it is free software developed by two persons in their freetime.
Your writing style sounds quite rude to my ears. :wink:

Ok, so what is the point?
If you have any problem with GDevelop you can ask for help, it okay it nothing wrong with saying “hay I’m new to this what am I doing wrong?” regardless how super experienced app developer you are.
If you find a bug in GDevelop which is preventing you from follow the tutorials, you can report it and provide details even through GDevelop, here on the forum and also on github.
If you find any tutorial on the wiki providing wrong information you can report that too so we can fix it, or even better, you can find the solution and fix the tutorial yourself by registering on the wiki and edit the tutorial.

But instead you just blame GDevelop and the tutorials for wasting a whole day and emphasize you are a developer and you have no time to waste :astonished:
So what we supposed to do about that?

Some people here made and published lot better designed apps with beautiful art than you, some of them even qualified as a pro web developer, software engineer or artist but none of them as boastful as you are for such a small accomplishment :imp:

Maybe just me but you made the wrong impression in my eyes and I can’t take people like you seriously and respect for anything your have achieved.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, welcome on the forum :smiling_imp:

Yeah I agree.

If you are already making Android apps why did you come here? Obviously you’re a famous game developer and have no time to be wasting writing on a forum right? Maybe we all here and have no time to reply to your question because were all Android developers? :mrgreen:

Anyways if you can program then Unity, Frostbite, CryEngine, Unreal, or Project Anarchy might be a better choice.
If not then Game Maker, Amazon Lumberyard or GameSalad might be other choices.

I have had no problems with the tutorials, examples or editor and I enjoy this software very much. If you’ve found a bug please be more polite instead of saying you wasted time and how important your time is.

I agree :slight_smile:

Ok, although I agree with most opinions, it’s going off topic :imp:
I will leave the topic open in case @Pixelpower want to discuss about the problems with the tutorial, otherwise I will close it :slight_smile:

PS: @Wendigo, @legion-_of-doom, please stop giving users to the competitors (as if Unity3D or UE4 could be ignored…) :laughing: