Google banned developer account

Hi everyone!
Has anyone experienced a developer account ban from Google? I recently released my first game on Google Store. I went through the stages of internal, closed testing with 20 testers. Google reviewed the game before publishing it to production. The game was in production for about 20 days. Suddenly Google blocks my developer account and deletes the game due to “Your Developer account remains terminated due to prior violations of the Developer Program Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement by this or associated, previously-terminated Google Play Developer accounts.”
I only had one developer account. The appeal was unsuccessful. I wrote several more letters in support, but to no avail. I spent about 6 months developing the game. I bought advertising in Google Ads.
It seems that if you are an individual developer, Google will ban you by any means.
Blocking a developer account in Google is permanent. It turns out Google banned me from publishing my games for life.
This makes me depressed…
Following the blocking developer account the AdMob also informed me a few days later that I was flagrantly violating their policy, although before that I had undergone identity confirmation and verification of policies.
I can’t understand why Google treats developers this way. Without a single warning or notice - they immediately send you to a ban…

Oh man, that sucks! I’ve heard a lot of weird things about the behavior of Google towards their developers - have you seen this discussion: ?
It seems to be enough for them to terminate you if you happen to know someone who’s accused of doing something wrong. AI hell.


Yes you are right they do it