Google mobile ads sdk version update please

Hello! Gdevelop team,
Please udpate the Google admob sdk version.

we develop games for android and publish it on google playstore
released we uploaded the game on google play console and it says that
Google mobile ads SDK version is 19.5.0 which is deprecated and will soon stop showing ads in that version
latest version is 21.4.0

this issue is serious and very important to be solved as directly affects the developers who publish google play games with admob ads to earn monetize the game.

please we request you to kindly look into this and fix it


Google has issued a sunset date (the date period when it will no longer serve ads to Google admob SDK version 19.0.5
below screenshots shows the message we got when we were releasing our game on google play. it says that your app contains SDK version 19.0.5
will no longer serve ads
below screenshots also shows the sunset date for the SDK versions of the admob

Admob will stop serving ads to our game on Q2 of 2023 (April to june) in between.
so, this is very serious issue and priority for Serious android app/game developers like us. we are using gdevelop for serious android game develop and make money/career from it.

so, it becomes important for you as well to update the google admob SDK version from 19.5.0 to 20 or 21 as google is suggesting in below screenshot.

Please look into it! we have sunset time till April to june to update the SDk version on our game to keep showing ads and make income.

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Yes, the GDevelop team is aware of the deadlines.
An update will be pushed before april.


Thank you! that’s a relief. we will be waiting for the update :smiley:

Any news about gdevelop update with new sdk?

It will be done few days before the deadline from Google.
This will be listed in a patch note when needed.

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Where the update please :pleading_face:

This was upgraded in Feb 2023.

We are using Cordova v1.28.0 which includes Google Ads SDK 20.6.0

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