[Google Play, Web, Game] A Pixel Adventure - Heroes Brawl

Hello friends, today I bring you one of the best games that I have created with GDevelop 5.
I have several games created with GD but this is the first one that has really hooked me, it is ideal to spend some time killing monsters “a tuti pleni”
I know it has no story or dialogue, and the items are scarce, but you start playing and you can’t stop playing it over and over again.

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Game Details

Version: Beta 1.0.0
Controls: Look at the game just click the Keyboard button.

  • Up+Z to unleash Sword or Bow Attack.
  • Down+Z to activate the Shield.

Venture into the castle of shadows for no reason whatsoever just to fight, die, fight, die, fight and die until you reach the final boss.
Face off against the final bosses in each dungeon, probably the easiest bosses to beat you have ever encountered in any video game.
Buy swords and bows to equip with them, the damage you do is greater the more items you have.

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Please share your experience with the game, suggestions or improvements.

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I was developing it.

This game is now available in Google Play


Hi, just tried the game i had also played one of your older game about killing cancer :’(

anyways the game is great i had fun with fighting the bosses and using the special abilities. my bow however stopped working for some reason maybe there was ammo not sure? the only critic would be that there is a lot of those flying enemies which just home in on your position even the ranged ones. I’d also like to thank you for the templates you have made. Though i have not used them they are a great resource

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