Google Season of Docs Applicant- Introduction

Hi Everyone,

I am Shubhendra Singh Chauhan from India. I am pursuing third-year in Computer Science Engineering.

I have been contributing to Open Source both technically and non-technically since last 2.5 yrs.

I am also the part of some communities like I’m a Student Ambassador of Unity Technologies, GitHub Campus Expert and Mozilla Representative in India.

The reason I want to contribute to GDevelop is my interest for Game Development.
I have some experience in building mini browser games using Open Source framework Phaser.js and also I have done some certifications on AR/VR app development using Unity.
I am really excited to know that students like me can develop games without having any prior knowledge about any programming language.
I am really interested in submitting a proposal for GDevelop in Google Season of Docs.
Also looking forward to get in touch with the mentors and guide me through this program.

Some more info about me:

Thanks & Regards,
Shubhendra Singh Chauhan


Welcome :sunny:
If you have any questions about GD, wiki or something else, feel free to ask us.

I would like to request the Mentors to help me getting started.

I have already gone through the GSoD wiki page & FAQ!


Hi everyone
I am Sachin, a sophomore at Delhi Technological University in India. I am pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science. I wish to participate in Season of Docs with GDevelop.
I love to learn new technologies. I am a full stack developer and have a good experience in the open source.
I have gone through the ideas list and the wiki page.
Please guide me how to proceed further.

Just a quick explanation for anyone interesting in GSoD:

First, thanks for being interested in GDevelop :smile:
Applications are opening on the beginning on June. At this moment, you’ll be able to do an official application on the Google Season of Docs website. Remember to check the timeline here: Timeline for Season of Docs 2022  |  Google Developers

In the meantime, the best thing to improve your chances to get selected (unfortunately, every organisation only get one technical writer :cry: ) is to get familiar with the software: use it to create small games, go through the existing tutorials and the wiki, fix small typos/improve articles :slight_smile:

We’ll still have some time to discuss during June if you have questions while writing the application.
Also check the FAQ on this page: GDevelop Season of Docs [GDevelop wiki]

Thanks everyone! :smiley:


Is professional technical writers needed and not someone involved in documentation work in Open-Source? According to Google, even students like myself are eligible if we can showcase past technical writing experience but in some of the selected projects under GSoD, a professional technical writer is demanded. Just wanted to clarify this before applying to this :smile:

In the case of GDevelop, anyone can apply but it’s important to show your experience/good understanding of GD and game creation.


My name is Soumyankar Mohapatra. I am interested to apply for GSoD at GDevelop. I have a couple of questions about the first project “building a brand new tutorial”.

  1. Should I stick to the current formatting on this wiki or do I have the independence of using new styles(formatting styles, order of sections etc.) to present my tutorial?
  2. I thought I would present my proposal by using github pages through jekyll. Is that okay?
  3. Length of the tutorial. I was going through the available tutorials and they had ‘bonus’ sections. Are we trying to get the user “started off” or give them as much knowledge as we can? Or is it somewhere in between?

In any case, my tutorial should be over fairly soon, and I was wondering if the mentors would have a look at it before I submit it as my final proposal.
I apologize to @4ian, for I had sent an email to his gmail account a few days back with the same questions.

I am Neha Krishna currently studying at IIIT Bangalore. When I wanted to start with game development I remember one of my first stops was GDevelop. It was great seeing GDevelop on the GSoD organisations page and I immediately knew I had to check this out. I am trying a couple of things with the animations and all. I’d like to work on building a new tutorial. I have kind of similar questions as @vertigo.

  1. Am I free to choose my own formatting style or do I have a designated style to follow?
  2. Are there any particular skills that you are looking for while selecting?

I created another discussion with more or less the same kind of questions as I did not come across this discussion first. Apologies for that.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi there,

My name is Heather Smirle, and I live in Canada (just outside of Toronto). I’m currently taking Technical Communications at Simon Fraser University. I love writing in plain language, all things computer-related, and I’m a quick learner.

Prior to GSoD, I wasn’t familiar with GDevelop. But now that I’ve explored it a little bit, I’m impressed. While I may not be a game developer yet, I’m a good writer - and I think I can contribute. I’ll definitely be looking at the tutorials with a newbie eye… if I can follow them, then we know we’re good! :smile:

I’m looking forward to playing with GDevelop and writing my application. And regardless of what happens, I’ll make sure I catch any typos and suggest any improvements. Thanks!

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Hi friends,
I am Akbar Habeeb B pursuing masters in Computer Science at College of Engineering Guindy - India.

@4ian and team,
I have gone through all the tutorials to grasp the essential knowledge about GDevelop and read almost all the wiki pages, at the same time I have fixed quite a good number of typos in the wiki pages. Currently, I am working on the following things

  • Creating a game using GDevelop
  • Enhancing the existing Wiki pages
  • Being active in the forum to know the exact needs of the community.

Apart from the above ones, is there any other way I could help the GDevelop community?

Thanks and regards,
Akbar Habeeb B


Since everyone here were introducing themselves, I thought I must finally make a post here. I have been a GSoD aspirant since a month now.

I have mastered GDevelop as a game making engine and have successfully made two games, one has a complete tutorial penned by me and a tutorial for the other one is in progress. Besides making full game tutorials, I have improved several documentation pages, adding more information and fixing typos/images.

Forum is a great place to know the user-base of GDevelop. I have solved numerous problems asked by my fellow GDevelopers, and I’ll continue to be active and help the community.

A brief overview of what I have done and will continue to do:

  1. Making full-fledged game making tutorials which are fun to read and easy to understand.
  2. Improve Wiki pages to add more information as required by the users. A documentation’s aim should be being crisp and clear which I try to follow.
  3. Being active on Forum. Solving countless problems faced by GDevelopers to make game making less frustrating and more enjoyable.

@4ian I thank you for the wonderful community that you have created and hope to help it grow further.


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Thanks all for your messages! Let me update the GSoD page on the wiki and send more details in the next days :slight_smile:


I’ve tweeted about it and added a bit more details on the wiki GDevelop Season of Docs [GDevelop wiki]

Unfortunately, I won’t have the time to answer precisely to everyone - I get a lot of emails about this which is great! But the proposal is format is up to you. Read the guidelines on Google’s Season of Docs website and submit what you think is the best to show your experience and describe what you want to do!


Hi Akbar, can you tell me how you’ve been fixing typos on the wiki pages. As far as I can see, the pages are read-only.

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@Nbamir You can edit wiki pages by creating a new account on the registration page.

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