Got a couple questions about Hide/Show and Performance

Hey hey!

I’v been studying how to improve the performance of my game and even tho theres plenty of good info out there, mostly just “event better” as a cure all, my question is about out of screen objects and their impact.

On a diferent thread someone already asked about this, as in, how does the rendeting work, and according to Silver Streak, rendering only happens when the object is in the field of view of the camera and that only the events regarding those objects impact performance… did i get this right?

More to it, my question is, does using “Hide” on the objects outside of the field of vie help at all? Does that help with performance? Like… if i “Hide” a particle emitter thats outside the field of view, will that help?

Any other tips for better improving fps outside of “Just event better”? i get that one, i use the debugger all the time to track this stuff, thats why im asking thiis stuff, so i know if “Hideing” something im not looking at would help the engine no render something useless, that kind of stuff.

Thanks for you help in advance <3

You can do tests with the profiler. Disabling or stopping the emitter would probably have more of an effect than hiding it.