Got a GDevelop branding question

Im about a day or so from fully publishing my game, im doing the little things right now, one of which is making a new Loading Screen.

I want a custom loading screen, but i dont want to be a duche and get rid of the “GDevelop” logo, so instead, i want to make a transition just for the engine.

My question is, can i make a custom screen, with custom font, just saying “GDevelop 5” and the GDevelop logo from the asset store? Or do i have to say specifically “Made with GDevelop”?

I think it’d be a better idea to phrase it in a way that makes it clear you are using GDevelop, not representing the GDevelop brand. What you are describing sounds a bit like Unreal Engine splash screens, maybe you could add a small “Powered by” on top, like this Unreal Engine splash screen?


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Yeah, easy peasy :slight_smile:

I can always change it if it bothers anyone, i just wanna make sure so i dont have to instantly patch it up.

I can even add the “Created with” is thats better

Check this out, this is what im going for

Should be fine right? or should i spice it up more?