Got stuck and frustrated

I searched and learned from videos how to code on gdevelop, learn JavaScript to code the things that I don’t find on non-coding codes [and extensions], and learn to pixel art good. I was doing great at the beginning, but eventually, I found out more and more stuff on JavaScript code that I can’t find explanation, and when doing big pixel art, as the background, I got stuck because it contrast with the player, or creatures, [it’s to bright and I don’t know how to make it dark without shadowing everything], and then, to calm frustration, I play videogames just for a day, and suddenly stop developing. This has happen to me three times already.

I need motivation, solution, aspiration, friendship; words, dialog, watch others working, seeing them grow, telling myself “ok. I should do it too” and keep moving. But I’m afraid that I’ll fall in frustration again, that I’ll suffer, play games and ignore develop. And I thought, “if only I had someone by my side to answer all my questions, then I could finish the game that I want to make”.

I guess all newbies pass for the same… I wonder if it is true.

Creative works are not possible without breaks / a pause to get in the right mood again.
Myself is with my first project at the moment in a (planned) pause mode too for a few days to get new energy. Humans are not machines.

Don’t you know someone personally?: show your work to your partner, family and friends; collect important feedback, let them play test your game (even if it would be in an early stage). They can give you tips, emotional support, motivation and inspiration for new ideas.

I think it is important to have a schedule, a plan… Think about like: Where do you want to see your project in three months for example. Step by step with tiny goals, (which motivates you) leading to the final dream product. It is also normal to cut some ideas in the time of production. If something is too difficult at the moment, you could do it later; time is a good helper.


Yup. Sometimes you just need fresh eyes. I got a cold and didn’t do anything with gdevelop for a few weeks. I had actually been feeling a little burnt out and unsure of what to do next, so it was actually good for me.