GPU isn't recognizing the game

Hiya, for whatever reason the GPU on my current rig isn’t really recognizing the game at all, so I have to manually go in there and add it as a program that the GPU will work with.

Another big issue is that I’m trying to record gameplay footage with Geforce Experience and this is also a problem since it doesn’t recognize the game.

I’m worried that anyone that plays the game down the line might run into this issue as well. Is this something anyone has experience with?


that’s because this is a 2d engine, meaning it’s using the CPU more than the GPU. You can enable hardware acceleration though.

Is there a way to get the game to do this automatically?

maybe in your driver settings

That’s not right, the CPU is never used for rendering, whether 2d or 3d.

That’s not how it works, a GPU is not something that optimized stuff it recognizes as games, the game is what’s recognizing the GPU and making it run some rendering code. It’s not limited to games either, for example your internet browser most likely uses your GPU for rendering documents too. If you mean GeForce experience not recognizing it, that is because Nvidia doesn’t add games there based on GPU usage (else you would have your browser, crypto miners, obs, or generally any software that is doing rendering with modern GPU-using APIs showing up as games) but by (most likely) comparing the applications on your system with a database of games they own. Unless Nvidia has a way to already know your game, don’t expect it to be recognized there.