GPU issue with Tiled Sprite

Right now I have a Tiled Sprite that is 50x50 pixels Default Width/Height. I intend to use them as a base to map out the platform collision. The issue is when I have more than 4 or 5 of these objects visible, the GPU usage on my computer skyrockets. And the game runs in slow motion.

If I hide those objects (I have a key set to toggle their visibility on and off) The game is fine. Also, If i use a normal sprite object stretched to the same size, nothing happens.

The strangest part is, I have a FPS counter in the top right that has been working perfectly, yet somehow it reports 60 FPS despite the game running this slow.

*Update *

If I have one giant instance of the Tiled Sprite, its fine. It is only If I have multiple instances of the object that there is an issue. Even if those multiple instances are as small as possible, having 4+ instances cause massive slowdown.

One sprite shouldn’t be an issue. It’s not just the size of the sprite but also the resources and the events. How large is the actual image? Have you tried the debugger? If you run the debugger, it will help show the bottleneck. It will also show if there are more instances running than expected. Sometimes you think you’re creating one but then realize you forgot a “trigger once” condition.

Game Debugger and Profiler [GDevelop wiki]

I dont have any events tied to the object. Thats what i find so strange. The original image is a 50 by 50 pixel green square. The only behavior on it is the Platform object. Which works fine. Nothing else in Gdevelop does this for me except for the tiled sprite. This particular scene has nothing besides a tile map object and those tiled sprites. Even on my other scenes that have the actual game on it with hundreds of instances and code, only this empty scene with 5 tiled sprites is giving me trouble lol.

Did you run the profiler and debugger? Maybe it can help. It will show the instance count and the profiler will show what’s using the most resources. If you take a screenshot of the profiler and/or events someone should be able to help.

Here’s a screenshot of the debugger.
The tiled sprite is called Platforms2 in a test scene with not much else in it

Since it doesn’t even seem like the actual program is running slow, I’m gonna see if its actually my computer that’s crapping its pants here.

Is this from when it’s running good or bad? Maybe if you compare the 2 profiles. See where it’s spiking.