Gray screen on android

when I run my game on android (mainly developed for android) sometimes I get a gray bar on first scene (menu) and then the game scene is completely gray, you can hear sound but can’t see anything.
Any ideas what is happening?

Have you tried on another phone? Is this happening when previewing in GDevelop too?

never seen on preview. I only have my phone to test, nobody complained from googleplay but don’t know. Will try to look for another phone. It happens randomly.
Hi tested in another phone, got the gray bar at menu but the works fine, the only I’ve noticed is that there are no ads, so maybe it has to be with admob.


removed ads and no problem it has to be with admob maybe not loading…

Interesting. What kind of ads are you using? Banner? Interstitial?

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I ise both one baner and one intersticial.
I think the problem is that sometimes they don’t load but I don’t know why are showed
There is only a load on menu scene not showing them to pre-load them

Still having this issue, has to be with ads but can’t figure why, anyone else with the same problem??

Removing ads sounds like a perfect solution! :grin:

still wan’t to know why it is happening :sunglasses:

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At least you have grey screen. My interstitial is not showing. I set it in between scenes at the beginning of the scene, but it is just jumping over the interstitial and load the next scene without it.