green line under tilesets, and bug in sprite

hello! recently my Gdevelop is appearing green lines underneath my tilesets, and my sprite (16x) is increasing, from 1 pixel leg, is going to 2 leg pixels, how to fix?


It could be quite a few things causing this, so to narrow it down:

  • What type of object is your ground?
  • Can you open your character object, click “Edit collision masks” and provide a screenshot of what it looks like?

My ground is “Plataform” , 8x8, made in piskel

Hello! bro, the bug occurs when applying the camera, “layers and camera” “center camera on an object” “Player”, the 2 bugs occur! how to fix? (Google Translate)

As far as I know, this bug is from pixijs, an external library used by GDevelop. We can’t really help you with that, except advising you to increase your resolution.