Greetings from SPAW & First Project!

Hello there! I’m totally new to GDevelop and know nothing at all about coding, graphics, or anything like that. But I do enjoy being creative, and I do make music. So, thought making a game would be a good excuse for me to compose some music! :mrgreen:

So started looking into GDevelop yesterday, and got together some “code” (events), and started making some music/building an atmosphere with simple story etc. I tried Construct 2 Free long time ago, and found GDevelop from comments from the developer of Construct 2 on their forums.

So, what am I rambling about? We´ll, I could need any help at ALL about how to build some events etc. I do have lot’s of Youtube Tutorials to look at (and have done), but the knowledge is sparse out there.

I have checked the WIKI, but is there no place to find ready "scripts/events sorted and ordered?

Anyway. Here is my 1-day old project:

If anyone are willing to help out with a few “good to know” beginner tips, I´d be more than happy! If one wants more “exchange” than that, I could consider making some music/sounds for the community if that is so!

Now back to game & music making! :ugeek:

Welcome!, I like the game, it runs very smoothy :smiley:
About the “good to know” tips, there are a lot of them, basic workflows, workarounds for some missings features, etc… For example, in your game, if you are on the edge of a cliff (looking at the left) there is a flickering between two animations; this could be because the animation sprites have different sizes, a common way to fix it is using a rectangle object (constant size) as the platformer, and put the animated sprite over it, the rectangle is the real platformer and the animated sprite is the displayer :slight_smile:

By the way, here is a great topic where Eric Matyas has shared a lot of music and sounds: [url]Sharing my Music and Sound Effects - Over 1500 Tracks] :smiley:

hello and welcome i greet you here too we just heard about discord that i called lucastarcraft.

what to say? I wish you a good continuation on this forum I consider it the most important point of this wonderful program.