Greetings, I'm a newcomer from Indonesia :)

Hello, everyone.
My nickname is an acronym of my full name, you can call me Alif or AWM. My real friends and colleagues often called me with one of those.

I joined the forum around late march this year and just recently discovered this board.

Let me tell you a bit about my background.

I’m a senior-year student at a university within Indonesia. I major in information system in Computer and Information Technology Knowledge Faculty, so I have some knowledge related to anything within programmer-scope. I understand little bit about C, C++, Java, and Python.

But despite my understanding regarding those languages, I tend to care more towards HTML5, PHP, CSS, and JS. The obligatory components inside web development. Ironically, never once have my professors taught me about those 4. How I came to understand about and how to use those 4 was solely because of my senior back when I’m still in sophomore year.

So back then, I joined this organization in my university called the Executive Student Council, and I was enrolled in the IT Development Bureau. That senior of mine was the head of the bureau. I learned quite a lot of web development while in that bureau.

I also really love graphic design and because of it I work part-time as a multimedia development lab assitant in my university.

I found GDevelop upon seeing a recommended video from Sparckman’s channel on YouTube. I do understand why I get the recommendation because once in a while I tend to look up what’s the most recent best easy-to-use game engines. I have bad memory about whether I have heard GDevelop or not because most people I knew that have interest in game development usually talks either about Construct or Unity. I always wanted to make a game but don’t wanna get overwhelmed with complicated coding, so GDevelop was a very good choice for me.

I still can’t believe this engine is open-source, because similiar engines that probably perform worse is proprietary. When I followed the tutorial to make simple platformer game on the wiki, it turns out that it’s really easy to understand and simple to use.

With that in mind, I replaced the original idea that I have (web development) for this semester’s scientific paper (journal) assignment with a journal about game creation with GDevelop. Absolutely nobody in my country have made journal about GDevelop as far as I know. So, might as well I made it first. Currently still writing it and it’s due on august.

Anyway, I also see that the forum was quite active and that’s a sign that many people actually use GDevelop. Right now, I’m developing a game which is going to be included in my journal and have been working on it since early april. Hopefully would be able to release it before June or July. I will show it to the game showcase when I need some people to test the beta version. You can also click the link on my bio if you wanna test the current build (pre-beta) of the game.

I will try my best to help others in need in the forum and I hope GDevelop can get more recognition internationally.

Thanks for checking out and reading my post :slight_smile:

Also, that’s actually pretty cool GDevelop has Bahasa Indonesia as one of the available languages.


Welcome here!
Salamat pagi, saya suka Indonesia & nasi champur :blush:
That’s about all I remember of Bahasa Indonesia :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you know all these languages, feel free to look at the github, maybe you can help with some of the reported bugs. :slight_smile:
We even have some bounties. :money_mouth_face:

Cheers from France

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Thanks for the welcoming!
Di Indonesia sekarang malam, jadi Selamat Malam :sweat_smile:

Alright, I’ll take a look at the github, thanks for the info!

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