Greetings! New gamedev here!

Hi I’m Phil and have been working on games since 2006 with Clickteam! I moved on to GD due to changing computers from PC to Mac.

I am just looking for friendly fellow Gdevelopers here to chat about my current work
but I’m not sure if this site allows sharing my private Discord server. I would love to share my
server dedicated to my projects privately if the site staff don’t mind. I just want friends to come
visit my Discord or talk about my games here on the forums if Discord is not an,option.

I hope you understand and good day!


Hello! You can present and talk about your games (and their discord) in the category #community:games-showcase You can also present it in the #finished-games channel if the GDevelop Discord server.

I hate that server it’s dead. That’s why I choose to search for active members to message on the site instead. Hopefully they won’t mind hearing about my games on the forum if chatting is not an option.

Lol I bet it’s more active that every server you own cumulated

I have some questions regarding the forum. Supposing my game contains content I didn’t make but taken from existing resources such as Spriters Resource, midis made by other people, and fan-games are they allowed here? Otherwise, I may not want to accept this site as a community for me.

As far as I know, fan games are fine as long as they are using self-created, open source, royalty free, or otherwise appropriately licensed content (stuff bought on, for example).

If you are using sprites or assets ripped from a licensed game without explicit permission from the rights holder, you are breaking IP law, and I don’t believe that is allowed.

Nope! Sorry! I cannot accept this BS if the community hates fan-work. I love the program but the community shouldn’t be like this. BYE!:rage::fu:

If you interpret “don’t use stolen assets, which is against international IP law” as “hates fan work” you’ll run into issues on lots of places.

However, I wish you the best of luck and hope you eventually find an outlet for your goals.


Breaking the law?! How stupid if thats how the site or the community wants themselves to believe! So, if they don’t give a shit about fan-games here since I don’t make original shit anyway, I cannot accept being a member on here. The program was very nice and incredibly easy to use but I cannot accept dealing with a BULLSHIT community that hates fan-work! Bye! :rage::fu:

Hey @PhilgamerK98!

I think there was a missunderstanding. Silver Streak didn’t say that fangames are not tolerated here, in fact I know a few Sonic fangames that have been announced in #community:games-showcase. What he said is that fangames might be illegal IF you steal sprites even though the original game maker explicitly stated that he didn’t want you to. Fangames are always tolerated and welcome here.

Please note though that insulting is strictly forbidden on this forum. Discussion should always stay calm and civilized. If you insult again in next posts, they might be deleted/hidden.


Yes, I also think there is a huge misunderstanding here.

So, taking into account that…

  • It’s almost impossible to misunderstand @Silver-Streak polite words, unless it is on purpose.

  • There is something fishy about someone who claims to have actively worked in the video game industry with a small studio for more than a decade and who at the same time is childishly offended by a trifle.

I think the misunderstanding lies in confusing an obvious troll who wants to harm the forum with a naive and offended new user.

But love it, he made me laugh.


He is now gone!
Strange person, is’nt it?

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