Greetings To All Gdevelopers

Hello everyone, i am Lionel by name. First of all, lemme thank the Developers of this awesome game dev app for making it free and open source. I have been looking for an easier way to build games and apps.

I am a new here, i would appreciate any help i can get in diving fast and deep into game dev with Gdevelop. By the way, may i ask if it’s possible to build games like Killer Bean, chess games with multiple players, Ludo games with multiple players.

I would really love to craft my own chess game, since i love playing chess alot.

Thanks all.

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Welcome to GD community Lionel, I hope you enjoy making games with GDevelop 5. Make sure to take a look at the Wiki and the Examples

Welcome @nativeson. I think you can build games like Killer Bean here in GDevelop.

Thank you for your warm welcome, :blush: