Grid Setup in Scene Editor no longer has Alpha options on Color Picker

I normally set the alpha value to 10 because it was easier to see things through the transparency.
However, due to the new update I can no longer do that.
Please re-add this feature!

What option are you talking about? There are no alpha options in the editor.

The scene editor has never allowed you to adjust transparency of objects, and Piskel itself doesn’t support alpha channels in sprites, and will strip them from edited images

In the older version of gdevelop, the grid setup editor used to have an alpha value alongside the rgb value. As far as I am aware, the newer version uses a hex value which doesnt support an alpha channel.

This is the newer version, as you can see there is no alpha value next to the B value.

Ohhh, I apologize. I totally missed the “grid” portion of your title. I was speaking about on-the-fly object alpha changes. Yes, I’m seeing this as well for the grid options.

This seems like a regression/bug since I’m not seeing it in the update notes. I’ll move this over to bug reporting.

Because I can reproduce this I’ve gone ahead and opened an issue on the Github, as well: Alpha channel settings has gone missing in Grid Options Color Picker · Issue #2918 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub