Grouping/filtering scenes

I think grouping scenes will be a great way to organize work and make checking for specific scenes easier.

so this is how it will work.
when adding a new layer it will ask you either add a scene or a group like this:

and this is how an example of the folders wil look like (screenshot from rpg maker MV)


after a person adds a group they can check if a scene is in a specific group.

so for example, if the player is in a bonus room the game will stop checking for health.


From your RPGMaker screenshot, it doesn’t look like the bonus level scenes belong to a bonus level group.
So, you would like the scenes to belong to multiple groups, not like the tree structure you show, right? i.e. bonus level belongs to village and to bonus levels.

1-oops that was a mistake the bonus level has to have multiple levels inside.