Groups not showing Behaviors is this a bug?

Hi I added various Sprites to a NPCs group some of them has Platformer Behavior and others not, but when I try to use NPCs group in event No Platformer behaviors are showed.

Is this the correct way the Groups work or is a bug?

I would assume because not every object in that group has the behaviour, you can not update the behaviour’s status.
It would be like having a group with text and sprites and not being able to modify the text because it’s not valid for the sprites in the group.

You might have to separate the groups or have the behaviours attached to all of the objects.

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I works for me (in the old editor)

Is logic but how about adding all the behaviors of all available objects in the Group even if some of the objects of the group doesn’t have that behavior.
I mean we are the responsables of the group creation and not so stupid to try to set a Platformer behavior on a Text Object. I’m just saying

Groups in general do not support events for mixed content.

For example, if you have groups with both sprites and tiled sprites in it, you will not be able to use the sprite scaling/sizing actions as it cannot apply it to all objects in the group.

As far as I know this is currently intentional and a performance/stability thing.

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